Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Spoleto is in Charleston, and it is a jam-packed town. I've been to two operas, one symphony, one play and one ballet in 10 days. Plus I went to Virginia for my class reunion. It is amazing how people change -- and stay the same -- over 50 years. Only, perhaps, more layers, and more weaving. For some of us it was a welcome opportunity to be grateful we DIDN'T marry anyone we were in love with when we were young. For others, it was a welcome chance to clear up old tensions between friends. Mainly, it was good to feel comfortable in a rare way -- with people who "knew" you, even if they hadn't seen you in many years. One person that struck me that way was my friend Barbara S. She has moved all the way across the U.S., to Oregon, but she is the same person. I was delighted to see her.

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