Saturday, March 17, 2007


My mother was a terrible cook for the most part. Before she had children, she said, she cooked a lot for dinner parties and my father's guests. But after us (the three monsters) she lost heart, and after my father left, she really lost heart. I used to wonder, what is there to eat if you don't eat chicken on Sunday, spaghetti on Monday, Tuna Fish Casserole on Tuesday,Dinty Moore Stew out of a can on Wednesday so Mother could go to Church (alternates were a turkey frozen dinner and chicken pot pie.) Thursday was something like chipped beef on toast, Friday fish sticks, Saturdays pork chops maybe, and then it was Sunday. When I found out there was more food in the world than that I was amazed!!

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Janice said...

Oh Nathalie we love your blog here so keep writing! You have a new generation of fans here in Florence and Hartsville. My friends and I are at the age (20s, early 30s) where we are learning what we truly like and want to spend time doing when work's done, children are asleep,etc. Cooking is the thing right now. It does not always work out so well but I love experimenting. It is like discovering a new color exists I didn't see before. I'm an artist and explains why I see things this way. My friends say the artist thing explains a lot anyway. But just wanted to write and tell you to keep writing because we're just discovering you and your books. And my favorite place in the world is Charleston (or really a stretch of beach on Sullivan's is my true favorite) so it's even better learning you live there, too. Take care and Happy Spring to you. Keep writing! Janice in Florence, SC