Monday, February 26, 2007

Charleston Food and Wine Festival

Marion Square in Charleston is a mix and tents and co-eds. The co-eds were all stretched out getting sun tans amidst workers putting up the white tents while ogling the co-eds. I wonder if the work moved as quickly as it would have without the College of Charleston damsels.

The festival's 2007 tickets are moving along -- there are plenty of tickets available for the Culinary Village, but none for the dine around and most other high ticket events. All of which is very exciting for the festival as well as the city. The chefs are reved up, having put their annual fund raiser for the food bank behind them, and looking toward this weekend.

The opening night party is Thursday night, with people arriving all that day. Friday, we have the free seminars. And so it goes.


Janice said...

I am learning to cook. I like it a lot! My mother could only make one meal when we were growing up..burned up hamburger patty with mashed potatoes and string beans from the can. It's funny but when I need comfort, that is the meal I make now!! I am young and starting out learning new things and cooking is at the top of my list. I found your blog just by chance tonight through the S.Carolina ETV radio website. I live in Florence, SC but most of my family is in Summerville and Mt.Pleasant. I liked reading your blog and love the French Toast recipe. Thank you lots for writing! Janice

nathalie dupree said...

Thanks, Janice. I didn't know enough to click the comment button until I saw it today. My mother had five meals she could cook. In fact, that's an idea for my blog. I'll write about it right now. Stay in touch. My articles run in the Charlestson Post and Courier, and I also have a web site,